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How is my box secured?

Your box is secured by cameras and access control. In addition our physical facility has been built in such a way that would make coming though walls or ceilings very difficult. In addition we limit the access on our side to very few people. Thus there are very few people involved that could pose a risk to your assets.

What can I store in my box?

You can store virtually anything you want to in your box except drugs, ammunition or explosives. We reserve the right to randomly run a dog through the facility to check for these items. If they are found, the box will be immediately drilled and the contents turned over to the police.

Are all of the boxes anonymous boxes?

Boxes can be both anonymous and non-anonymous. It is up to each client. They can choose to pay in cash and stay anonymous or use their credit card and can be non-anonymous.

What makes you different from other Vault companies that have been in town in the past?

We haven’t gone to prison, we aren’t felons and ultimately we have been in the Vegas business community for years and don’t have an incentive to rip off our customers.

Do I get both the guard key and the box key when I get a security box from you?

Yes. If you want to get insurance on your box from a separate insurance company they may require us to keep the guard key. We can do that as well.

When can I have access to my box?

24/7 – 365 days. You will be able to access your vault.